Linear Inches Calculator – Easy Measurement Tool

This tool will help you convert inches to centimeters with ease.

How to Use This Calculator

This linear inches calculator converts feet and inches to total inches. Follow these simple steps to use the calculator:

  • Enter the number of feet in the “Feet” input field.
  • Enter the number of inches in the “Inches” input field.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see the total inches.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator takes the input values for feet and inches and converts them to total inches using the following formula:

totalInches = (feet * 12) + inches

Where 1 foot is equal to 12 inches.


The calculator is designed to handle positive numerical inputs. Ensure that you enter valid numbers for feet and inches. The calculator does not account for fractional feet or inches beyond the decimal point precision.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Total Linear Inches for Picture Frames

Measure the length and width of your picture frame, then add the two measurements together to find the total linear inches, which is crucial for choosing the right size mat or frame for your art.

Estimating Linear Inches for Fabric

To determine how much fabric you need for a project, measure the longest sides in inches and add them together to get the linear inches required, helping you avoid purchasing too much or too little fabric.

Checking Linear Inches for Shipping Boxes

When shipping items, calculate the total linear inches by adding the dimensions of the box (length + width + height) to comply with shipping carrier guidelines and avoid extra charges for oversized packages.

Determining Linear Inches for Custom Cabinets

Before ordering custom cabinets, measure the perimeter of the space in inches to determine the required linear inches for the cabinets, ensuring a perfect fit and avoiding costly mistakes.

Calculating Linear Inches for Molding Trim

Easily estimate the amount of molding trim needed for a room by measuring the length of each wall in inches and adding them together to find the total linear inches, helping you purchase the correct amount of molding.

Measuring Linear Inches for Wallpaper Borders

To determine the length of wallpaper border needed for a room, measure the perimeter of the walls in linear inches, allowing you to select the right amount of border for a seamless look without excess waste.

Planning Linear Inches for Garden Edging

Measure the area you want to edge in linear inches to accurately plan for the garden edging material needed, ensuring you have enough to complete the project with a professional finish.

Estimating Linear Inches for Piping or Cording

When sewing or crafting, calculate the linear inches of piping or cording required by measuring the perimeter of the project in inches, allowing for precise cutting and avoiding material shortages.

Checking Linear Inches for Quilting Fabric

To ensure you have enough quilting fabric for your project, measure the sides of the quilt top in linear inches and adjust according to the desired borders or binding, preventing last-minute fabric shortages.

Determining Linear Inches for Bookshelf Organization

Measure the length of each shelf in inches to calculate the total linear inches needed for organizing books or items, helping you select the right size bookshelf or storage solution without wasted space.

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