Lumber Calculator: Estimate Wood for Your Construction Project

Use this lumber calculator to quickly determine the amount of wood you’ll need for your project.

Lumber Calculator

How to Use the Lumber Calculator

To use this calculator, simply input the width of the lumber in inches, the length of the lumber in feet, and the quantity of boards you are calculating for and then click on “Calculate”. The result will display in board feet which is a common unit of measure in lumber volume.

How the Results are Calculated

The calculator uses the formula: (Width in inches / 12) * Length in feet * Quantity = Board feet. It assumes the lumber’s thickness is a standard 1 inch. This simplifies the calculation as thickness does not need to be entered into the formula.

Limitations of the Calculator

This lumber calculator assumes that the lumber is evenly and uniformly sized. Irregular shapes, varying sizes, or woods with different densities are not accounted for. It’s also not suitable for calculating bundled wood volumes or wood sold in different thicknesses. Please consult with a professional for more complex calculations.

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