Measure My Lawn – Accurate Lawn Size Calculator

This tool helps you calculate the area of your lawn quickly and accurately.

Measure Your Lawn Calculator

Use this calculator to measure the area of your lawn. You can select from three shapes: Rectangle, Triangle, or Circle. Enter the required dimensions, depending on the shape selected, and click “Calculate” to get the area of your lawn.

How to Use:

  1. Select the shape of your lawn from the dropdown menu.
  2. Enter the required dimensions:
    • For a rectangle, enter the length and width in meters.
    • For a triangle, enter the base length and the height in meters.
    • For a circle, enter the radius in meters.
  3. Click “Calculate” to see the area of your lawn.

How It Calculates the Results:

  • For a rectangle, the area is calculated as Length × Width.
  • For a triangle, the area is calculated as 0.5 × Length × Height.
  • For a circle, the area is calculated as π × Radius².


This calculator assumes that the lawn is a perfect geometric shape. Real-world lawns might not be perfect rectangles, triangles, or circles. Please measure the dimensions as accurately as possible.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate the Area of Your Lawn

Enter the length and width of your lawn to instantly calculate the area in square feet. This will help you determine how much grass seed or sod you need to maintain or replace your lawn.

Determine the Perimeter of Your Lawn

Input the measurements to quickly find out the total distance around the edges of your lawn. This is handy for estimating the length of fencing needed or planning a pathway around the yard.

Estimate the Cost of Fertilizer

By entering the area of your lawn and the recommended application rate, you can easily calculate the amount of fertilizer required. This will assist you in budgeting for lawn care expenses accurately.

Calculate Watering Needs

Input the area and your lawn’s water requirement to determine how much water is needed for irrigation. This helps in setting up an efficient watering schedule for maintaining your lawn’s health.

Convert Measurements

Convert between square feet, square meters, or acres depending on your preference. This feature offers flexibility in viewing your lawn’s size in different units for better understanding.

Adjust for Irregular Shapes

If your lawn is not a perfect rectangle, input the various sections’ measurements to calculate the total area accurately. This will accommodate lawns with irregular shapes for precise calculations.

Plan for Landscaping Projects

Use the area measurement to plan for landscaping projects such as installing a new garden bed or laying down mulch. This feature helps you determine the materials needed without any guesswork.

Maintain Lawn Equipment

Knowing the area of your lawn can help you determine the appropriate size for a lawnmower or other equipment needed for maintenance. This ensures you choose tools that are efficient for your lawn size.

Compare Lawn Sizes

If you have multiple lawn areas, calculate and compare their sizes to prioritize your lawn care activities. This will help you distribute your time and resources effectively based on the lawn sizes.

Create a Lawn Care Calendar

Based on the calculated area, set up a personalized lawn care calendar with tasks like mowing, watering, and fertilizing. This feature assists in planning and organizing your lawn maintenance routine efficiently.

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