Minimum Calculator: Quick & Easy Calculations

This tool will help you find the smallest number in a given set of values.

How to Use the Minimum Calculator

This minimum calculator allows you to find the smaller of two numbers. Enter two numbers in the input fields labeled “Number 1” and “Number 2.” After entering your numbers, click the “Calculate” button to see the result in the “Result” field. The calculator will determine which of the two numbers is smaller and display it.

How It Calculates the Result

The minimum calculator works by comparing the two numbers entered. It uses the built-in JavaScript Math.min() function, which returns the smaller of its arguments. If either of the inputs is not a number, the calculator will display an “Invalid input” message in the result field.


This calculator only accepts numerical inputs. If you input text or leave any fields empty, the result will display “Invalid input.” Additionally, this calculator does not handle more than two numbers at a time. It is designed solely for finding the minimum between two given numbers.

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