MN Sales Tax Calculator – Accurate & Easy Tool

This tool helps you quickly calculate the sales tax for purchases in Minnesota.

How to Use the MN Sales Tax Calculator

This calculator helps you to determine the total price of a product after applying the Minnesota sales tax. Simply fill in the required fields and press the “Calculate” button to see your result.


  1. Enter the price before tax of the product in dollars and cents (e.g., 49.99).
  2. Enter the tax rate in percentage (default is 6.875% for Minnesota).
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button to see the total price including tax.


The calculator takes the price before tax and the tax rate to compute the total price. The formula used is:

Total Price = Price before tax + (Price before tax * Tax Rate / 100)


If the price before tax is $100 and the tax rate is 6.875%, the total price is calculated as follows:

Total Price = 100 + (100 * 6.875 / 100) = 106.88


  • The calculator only accounts for positive, numerical values.
  • It does not support complex scenarios like compound taxes or tax exemptions.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Sales Tax on a Single Item

Enter the price of the item you want to purchase, and the calculator will instantly display the total cost including sales tax for that item. This convenience saves you time and simplifies your shopping experience.

Calculating Sales Tax on Multiple Items

Input the prices of various items you plan to buy, and let the calculator tally up the total cost along with the applicable sales tax. Easily compare prices and plan your budget accordingly.

Calculating Sales Tax on a Range of Prices

If you have a range of product prices in mind, simply enter the minimum and maximum prices. The calculator will provide you with the total cost range, accounting for sales tax variations.

Adjusting Sales Tax Rate

Have the flexibility to enter different sales tax rates based on your location or circumstances. The calculator instantly recalculates the total cost, ensuring accuracy in your financial planning.

Reverse Sales Tax Calculation

If you know the final price including tax and want to determine the original price before tax, this feature allows you to input the final cost and calculate the pre-tax amount.

Sharing Results Easily

With the option to copy or share the calculated results, you can conveniently send the total cost including tax to others or save it for your records with a simple click.

Mobile-Friendly Design

Enjoy using the sales tax calculator on the go on your mobile device or tablet. The responsive design ensures a seamless user experience across different screen sizes.

Real-Time Updating

Witness the total cost adjust in real-time as you make changes to the input values. Engage with dynamic calculations that keep you informed instantly.

Customizable Currency Selection

Select your preferred currency symbol to view the calculated total cost in your desired currency. Personalize the experience to suit your location and preference.

Clear Breakdown of Costs

Receive a detailed breakdown of the original price, sales tax amount, and final total cost for each calculation. Gain transparency into the cost components for better financial awareness.

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