MTG Land Calculator – Optimize Your Deck

This tool will calculate the optimal number of lands for your Magic: The Gathering deck.

MTG Land Calculator

Welcome to the MTG Land Calculator! This tool helps you determine the probability of drawing a certain number of lands in your opening hand or within a specific number of draws in a Magic: The Gathering game.

How to Use:

To use the calculator, fill in the following fields:

  • Deck Size: Enter the total number of cards in your deck.
  • Number of Lands: Enter the total number of land cards in your deck.
  • Cards to Draw: Enter the number of cards you will draw. This is usually 7 for opening hands.
  • Desired Lands: Enter the number of land cards you want to draw.

Click the “Calculate” button to see the probability of drawing the desired number of lands.

How it Calculates:

The calculator uses the hypergeometric distribution formula to determine the probability. This statistical method is ideal for scenarios where you are drawing a sample without replacement, such as drawing cards from a deck.


Note that this calculator assumes you are not using any card-drawing or deck-specific mechanics that could alter the probability, such as scrying or mulligan rules. It also does not account for any in-game situations that might affect the deck content or order.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculate Total Land Cards

Enter the number of basic lands in your Magic: The Gathering deck, including plains, islands, swamps, mountains, forests. The calculator will add up the total land cards to help you ensure you have the right mana base for your deck.

Use Case 2: Determine Land Percentage

Specify the total number of cards in your deck and the number of lands in it. The calculator will then calculate the percentage of lands in your deck, ensuring you have the optimal mana distribution for your strategy.

Use Case 3: Calculate Mana Ratio

Input the quantities of different basic land types in your deck. The calculator will display the percentage distribution of each land type, helping you balance the mana ratio for smooth gameplay.

Use Case 4: Adjust Land Count

If you want to tweak the number of lands in your deck, enter the desired total deck size and the optimal land percentage. The calculator will compute the new number of land cards needed to match your specifications.

Use Case 5: Evaluate Mana Curve

By entering the converted mana cost of cards in your deck, the calculator can analyze your mana curve. It helps make sure you have the right distribution of lands to support your spells at different mana costs.

Use Case 6: Compare Land Counts

If you have multiple decks or variants to compare, enter the total number of cards in each deck along with the number of lands. The calculator will help you quickly compare land counts across different decks.

Use Case 7: Plan Multi-Color Mana Base

For decks with multiple colors, input the land count for each color. The calculator will calculate the percentage of each color in your mana base, aiding in balancing the mana requirements for your spells.

Use Case 8: Adjust For Non-Basic Lands

If your deck includes non-basic lands, specify their count and adjust the calculations accordingly. The calculator helps factor in the non-basic lands to fine-tune your mana base accurately.

Use Case 9: Optimize Land Spreading

Enter the number of lands you want to distribute evenly across different colors in your deck. The calculator will determine the number of each basic land type needed to achieve a balanced color distribution.

Use Case 10: Validate Land Distribution

After all adjustments, use the calculator to validate the final land distribution in your deck. Confirm that the computed land counts align with your strategy, ensuring a well-structured and reliable mana base.

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