Navy PRT Calculator | Accurate Physical Readiness Test Tool

Use this navy PRT calculator tool to quickly and accurately calculate your Physical Readiness Test score.

Navy PRT Calculator Instructions

This calculator helps you determine your Physical Readiness Test (PRT) score for the Navy. To use the calculator, follow these steps:

  1. Select your gender.
  2. Enter your age. (You must be between 17 and 60 years old.)
  3. Enter the number of sit-ups you can perform.
  4. Enter the number of push-ups you can perform.
  5. Enter your 1.5-mile run time in minutes and seconds (e.g., 12:30).
  6. Click “Calculate” to see your PRT score.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator uses simplified scoring logic for demonstration purposes. Based on your gender and age:

  • For sit-ups, it calculates the score by multiplying the count by a factor (2 for males, 2.5 for females).
  • For push-ups, it also uses a multiplier (2 for males, 2.5 for females).
  • For the run, it subtracts the total run time in seconds from a base value (1000 for males, 1200 for females) and divides it by a factor to get a score.


This calculator is a simplified version and may not reflect the actual scoring used in official Navy PRT assessments. The logic here uses arbitrary multipliers and does not account for detailed PRT scoring tables. For precise scoring, refer to the official Navy PRT guidelines and scoring charts.

Use Case 1: Calculating Overall PRT Score

Users can input their results for the push-up, sit-up, and run components to calculate their overall Physical Readiness Test (PRT) score. The calculator will take into account the individual scores for each component and provide a total score based on the Navy’s PRT scoring system.

Use Case 2: Tracking Progress Over Time

By using the calculator multiple times and recording their results, users can track their progress over time. This feature allows users to see improvements or areas that may need more focus, helping them better prepare for future PRT assessments.

Use Case 3: Setting Fitness Goals

Users can use the calculator to set fitness goals by inputting their desired PRT score and working towards achieving it. The calculator can help users determine how much they need to improve in each component to reach their target score.

Use Case 4: Comparing Scores with Standards

The calculator can compare users’ PRT scores with the Navy’s fitness standards to determine if they meet the requirements or need to improve. This feature provides users with a clear understanding of where they stand in terms of their fitness levels.

Use Case 5: Monitoring Health and Fitness Levels

Regularly using the calculator to track PRT scores can help users monitor their overall health and fitness levels. By consistently evaluating their scores, users can identify areas of improvement and take necessary actions to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Use Case 6: Preparing for PRT Assessments

Users can use the calculator as a tool for preparing for upcoming PRT assessments by practicing and monitoring their progress. This feature enables users to tailor their workout routines to address any weaknesses and perform optimally during the test.

Use Case 7: Customizing Workout Plans

Based on the results provided by the calculator, users can customize their workout plans to target specific areas for improvement. This personalized approach can help users achieve a well-rounded fitness level and excel in all components of the PRT.

Use Case 8: Assessing Readiness for Active Duty

Active duty personnel can use the calculator to assess their readiness for duty by ensuring their PRT scores meet the Navy’s requirements. This use case is crucial for maintaining fitness standards and readiness for performing military duties.

Use Case 9: Planning Training Programs

Coaches, trainers, and fitness instructors can utilize the calculator to plan training programs for individuals or groups based on their PRT scores. This use case helps professionals create tailored fitness regimens that address specific needs and goals.

Use Case 10: Enhancing Competitive Spirit

Users can use the calculator to compete with friends, colleagues, or themselves in improving their PRT scores. This feature adds a competitive element to fitness training, motivating users to push their limits and achieve better results.

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