Nether Portal Calculator: Precise Minecraft Coordinates

This nether portal calculator helps you determine the precise coordinates for linking Overworld and Nether portals in Minecraft.

Instructions for use:

Enter the Overworld coordinates (X and Z) to calculate the corresponding Nether coordinates, or enter the Nether coordinates to find the corresponding Overworld location. Click ‘Calculate’ to see the results. If you enter both Overworld and Nether coordinates, the Overworld coordinates will be used for the calculation.

How it calculates the results:

In Minecraft, one block in the Nether is equivalent to eight blocks in the Overworld. This calculator uses this scale to convert coordinates between the two dimensions. For Overworld to Nether conversions, it divides the Overworld coordinates by 8 and rounds down to the nearest whole number. For Nether to Overworld conversions, it multiplies the Nether coordinates by 8.


This calculator assumes that a player is traveling between dimensions without considering portal mechanics such as portal linking or portal spawning mechanics. It is only an approximation and does not account for obstacles or existing portals in either dimension.

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