No Vig Calculator: Easily Calculate Fair Odds & Payouts

Use this no vig calculator tool to determine the fair odds for any given betting line without the bookmaker’s commission.

How to Use the No-Vig Calculator

To use the no-vig calculator, input the odds for Outcome A and Outcome B into their respective fields and click on the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then display the equivalent no-vig probabilities for each outcome.

How the Calculator Works

The no-vig calculator converts betting odds into implied probabilities and then adjusts them to remove the bookmaker’s vig (also known as the bookmaker’s margin or overround). What you see as the result are the true probabilities without the bookmaker’s edge.


  1. Convert the odds for each outcome into implied probabilities.
  2. Add the implied probabilities together to find the overround.
  3. Divide each implied probability by the overround to determine the no-vig probability.
  4. Multiply the no-vig probabilities by 100 to get a percentage.


The no-vig calculator assumes that the odds inputted are in a “to one” format (European decimal odds). Other odds formats, like American odds or fractional odds, must be converted before using this calculator. It will not take into account any other scenarios such as each-way bets or rule 4 deductions.

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