Ny Executor Fee Calculator – Estimate Executor Fees in NY

This tool calculates the executor fees you can expect to receive in New York based on the value of the estate.

NY Executor Fee Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the executor fees for handling an estate in New York. It takes into account gross estate value, debts/liabilities, and the executor fee percentage to provide an accurate estimate.

How to Use the NY Executor Fee Calculator

  1. Enter the gross estate value in dollars.
  2. Enter the total debts and liabilities in dollars.
  3. Enter the executor fee percentage.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button.

Calculation Method

The executor fee is calculated as follows:

  • Gross Estate Value minus Debts and Liabilities equals the Net Estate.
  • The Executor Fee is then the Net Estate multiplied by the Executor Fee Percentage divided by 100.

Equation: Executor Fee = (Gross Estate - Debts) * (Executor Fee Percentage / 100)


This calculator provides an estimate and does not account for certain specific conditions or additional fees that may be applicable in special cases. Always consult with a professional for an exact calculation.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Executor Fee Based on Percentage

Enter the estate value and the percentage fee charged by the executor to calculate the fee amount. This use case is helpful for quickly determining how much an executor will be remunerated based on a percentage of the estate’s value.

Calculate Executor Fee Based on Fixed Amount

If the executor charges a fixed fee for handling an estate, input the fixed amount and the estate value. This calculation helps in determining the total executor fee without needing to calculate a percentage.

Compare Executor Fees between Multiple Executors

Input the estate value and executor fees for different executors to compare and choose the most cost-effective option. This feature assists in making an informed decision when selecting an executor based on their fee structure.

Estimate Total Estate Value Including Executor Fee

Enter the executor fee and deducted amount from the estate to find out the total value of the estate after accounting for the executor’s compensation. It helps in transparently understanding the impact of the executor fee on the final estate value.

Determine Percentage Fee for Desired Executor Compensation

Specify the estate value and the desired executor compensation amount to calculate the percentage fee required. This tool is useful for setting a specific executor fee target based on the estate size and the executor’s expected remuneration.

Calculate Executor Fee for Different Estate Values

Use this feature to input varying estate values and executor fees to get a comprehensive fee breakdown. It’s beneficial for understanding how the executor fee scales with different estate sizes.

Adjust Executor Fee Calculation for Tax Purposes

Incorporate tax considerations by entering the taxable estate value along with the executor fee to calculate the net amount after tax deductions. This function helps in budgeting and financial planning for estate distribution.

Analyze Executor Compensation Scenarios

Create multiple scenarios by adjusting the executor fee structure to explore different compensation outcomes. It allows for strategic decision-making when negotiating executor fees or exploring alternative fee structures.

Calculate Total Inheritance Amount After Executor Deductions

Input the estate value and executor fee to determine the final inheritance amount left after deducting the executor’s compensation. This use case provides clarity on the net inheritance to be received by beneficiaries.

Generate Summary Report of Executor Fees and Estate Distribution

Obtain a detailed report showing executor fees, estate values, and final inheritance amounts for comprehensive estate planning. This feature offers a summarized overview of the financial aspects involved in estate administration.

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