Persona 4 Fusion Calculator: Find the Perfect Persona Combinations

This Persona 4 Fusion Calculator tool will help you determine which Personas you can create through fusion.

Here is the HTML code with the JavaScript for a Persona 4 Fusion Calculator to be embedded in a WordPress post. The calculator’s code is simplified for the sake of this example and might not fully replicate all the complex mechanics of the actual game’s fusion system.

Persona 4 Fusion Calculator

How to Use the Fusion Calculator

Enter the names of the two Personas you wish to fuse in the input fields above. The names must be exactly as they appear in the game. After entering both names, click the ‘Calculate’ button to view the result of the fusion.

How it Works

The calculator takes the input of two Personas and calculates the resulting Persona based on predefined fusion rules. It is a simplified version of the fusion system in the game, and it may not include all the complexities such as inheritance rules or rare fusions.


This calculator only works for standard two-Persona fusions. It does not account for special fusions, fusion by result, or network fusions. It also does not handle level considerations or provide information on skills inherited.

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