Personal Injury Attorney Fee Calculator – Estimate Costs

This tool will help you estimate the attorney fees for your personal injury case.

Personal Injury Attorney Fee Calculator

How to Use

Enter all the required fields: Settlement Amount, Medical Expenses, Other Expenses, Attorney Contingency Fee (percentage), and Case Duration (months). Click Calculate to see the attorney’s fee and your net settlement amount.

How it Calculates the Results

This calculator determines the attorney’s fee based on the contingency fee percentage of the settlement amount. It then subtracts both the attorney’s fee and any mentioned expenses from the total settlement to provide you with your net settlement amount.


This calculator provides an estimate based on the input given. Actual attorney fees and settlements could vary based on the specifics of the case, state laws, and other variables not accounted for in this tool.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Attorney Fee Percentage Based on Settlement Amount

Enter the settlement amount in the calculator to determine the attorney fee percentage. This use case helps you quickly understand how much your attorney will charge based on the agreed-upon settlement.

Compute Attorney Fee in Dollars from Total Settlement

If you know the total settlement amount and want to find out the attorney fee in dollars, input the figures into the calculator. This feature provides a clear breakdown of the fee structure in monetary terms.

Determine Attorney Fee after Deducting Case Expenses

Input the settlement amount and subtract the case expenses to get the attorney fee after deducting these costs. This use case is useful for understanding the net amount you’ll receive after all expenses are considered.

Estimate Total Attorney Fee Including Additional Costs

Factor in any additional costs or fees besides the standard attorney fee to calculate the total amount you’ll need to set aside for legal representation. This useful feature provides a comprehensive view of all expenses involved.

Calculate Attorney Fee Percentage with Contingency Fee Agreement

Determine the attorney fee percentage based on a contingency fee agreement by entering the settlement amount. This use case is essential for clients and attorneys who have agreed upon a contingent fee structure.

Compare Attorney Fee Calculator Results with Industry Averages

Use the calculator results to compare the attorney fee percentage with industry averages for personal injury cases. This feature helps you assess whether the proposed fee aligns with standard practices.

Adjust Settlement Amount to See Impact on Attorney Fee

Experiment with different settlement amounts to see how the attorney fee percentage changes accordingly. This interactive feature allows you to understand the correlation between settlement figures and attorney fees.

View a Detailed Breakdown of Attorney Fees and Costs

Get a comprehensive breakdown of attorney fees, expenses, and net amounts after deductions with just a few clicks. This use case provides transparency and clarity regarding the financial aspects of your legal representation.

Input Multiple Settlement Scenarios for Fee Comparison

Input multiple settlement scenarios into the calculator to compare attorney fees across different outcomes. This feature enables you to make informed decisions based on various potential settlement amounts.

Get Instant Results and Fee Calculations for Legal Budgeting

Receive instant results and accurate fee calculations to help you budget effectively for legal expenses. This user-friendly calculator simplifies the process of estimating attorney fees and planning finances for your personal injury case.

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