Pizza Calculator – Size, Slices & Serving Guide

This pizza calculator tool helps you easily determine how many pizzas you need to order for your group.

How to Use the Pizza Calculator

This pizza calculator helps you determine the amount of pizza each person gets and the cost per slice based on the diameter of the pizza, its price, the number of people, and the slices per person.


  1. Enter the diameter of the pizza in inches.
  2. Enter the total price of the pizza in dollars.
  3. Enter the number of people who will be sharing the pizza.
  4. Enter the number of slices each person will eat.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to see the results.

How It Calculates:

  • It calculates the area of the pizza using the formula π * radius².
  • It calculates the total number of slices needed by multiplying the number of people by the slices per person.
  • It divides the total pizza area by the total number of slices to get the area per slice.
  • It divides the total price by the total number of slices to get the price per slice.


  • Ensure all input values are positive and non-zero.
  • The calculator assumes a uniform distribution of slices and equal pricing per slice.
  • Does not consider variations in slice sizes or toppings.

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