Poe DPS Calculator – Optimize Your Character’s Damage

This tool calculates the damage per second (DPS) of your Path of Exile character based on your inputs.

Path of Exile DPS Calculator

Welcome to the Path of Exile DPS Calculator! This tool allows you to calculate your character’s Damage Per Second (DPS) based on various parameters.

How to Use the Calculator

  1. Enter your Base Damage: This is the average damage you deal per hit.
  2. Enter your Attack Speed: This is the number of attacks you can perform in a second.
  3. Enter Critical Strike Chance: This is the percentage chance you have to land a critical strike.
  4. Enter Critical Strike Multiplier: This is the percentage by which your critical strikes are multiplied.
  5. Enter Increased Damage: This is the percentage increase to your damage from various sources.
  6. Enter Added Damage: This is any additional flat damage added to your attacks.
  7. Enter Elemental Damage: This is the additional percentage increase to your damage from elemental sources.
  8. Click ‘Calculate’ to see your DPS.

How It Calculates the Results

The DPS is calculated using the following formula:

  • Total Damage = (Base Damage * (1 + Increased Damage + Elemental Damage) + Added Damage)
  • Average Crit Multiplier = 1 + (Critical Strike Chance * (Critical Strike Multiplier / 100 – 1))
  • DPS = Total Damage * Attack Speed * Average Crit Multiplier


This calculator provides an estimate of your DPS based on the inputs provided. It does not account for factors such as enemy resistances, special skill effects, or specific in-game mechanics that may alter damage calculations. Always use this tool as a guideline and adjust your character build accordingly.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating DPS for a Weapon

Enter the weapon’s stats such as base damage, attack speed, and critical strike chance to accurately determine its damage per second (DPS). This helps you compare different weapons and optimize your character’s damage output in the game.

Adding Elemental Damage to the Calculation

If your weapon deals elemental damage, input the type of element and its damage value to calculate the total DPS including both physical and elemental damage. This ensures you have a comprehensive overview of your weapon’s effectiveness in combat.

Optimizing for Critical Strikes

Adjust the critical strike multiplier and critical strike chance to see how they impact the overall DPS of your weapon. This feature helps you fine-tune your build for maximum damage potential when landing critical hits.

Factoring in Attack Speed for Fast-paced Combat

Experiment with different attack speeds to see how they influence your weapon’s DPS. Increasing attack speed can significantly boost your damage output during battles, especially in fast-paced combat scenarios.

Comparing Two Weapons Side by Side

Utilize the calculator to compare the DPS of two different weapons simultaneously. This enables you to make informed decisions on which weapon to use based on their respective damage outputs in real-time.

Calculating DPS Over Time for Sustained Damage

By factoring in the weapon’s attack speed and damage per hit, you can calculate the DPS over a specific duration of time. This helps you assess the sustained damage potential of your weapon in prolonged fights.

Accounting for Damage Buffs and Debuffs

Include any damage buffs or debuffs your character possesses to accurately reflect the enhanced or reduced DPS output. This feature allows you to strategize better by considering all modifiers affecting your damage.

Testing Different Skill Combinations for Maximum DPS

Experiment with various skill combinations along with weapon stats to determine the overall DPS when using different combat abilities. This interactive feature helps you optimize your skill rotations for maximum damage efficiency.

Calculating DPS with Gear Enhancements

Input the additional damage bonuses from your gear or equipment to calculate the total DPS including all external modifiers. This calculation provides a holistic view of your character’s damage output, considering all contributing factors.

Sharing and Saving DPS Calculations for Reference

Save your DPS calculations for future reference or share them with your friends or guildmates for collaborative discussions. This feature enhances teamwork and allows for better coordination in optimizing the entire team’s damage potential.

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