Poke Bowl Calorie Calculator – Track Your Meal

This tool will help you calculate the total calories in your poke bowl based on your chosen ingredients.

Poke Bowl Calorie Calculator

Edamame – 30 kcal
Cucumber – 25 kcal
Carrot – 20 kcal
Seaweed – 10 kcal

Avocado – 50 kcal
Mango – 40 kcal
Spicy Mayo – 60 kcal
Sesame Seeds – 30 kcal

How to Use the Calculator

Select your choice of base, protein, veggies, and toppings from the dropdowns and checkboxes above. Once you have made your selections, click the ‘Calculate’ button to see the total calories for your custom poke bowl.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator adds up the calories of each selected ingredient based on predefined values. By summing the caloric values of each of your selected options, it provides an estimate of the total calories of your poke bowl.


Please note that this calculator provides an approximation based on typical calorie counts for common poke bowl ingredients. Actual caloric content may vary based on preparation methods and specific ingredient brands.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate the Total Calories of a Custom Poke Bowl

Enter the quantity of each ingredient in your poke bowl, our calculator will sum up the calories for you. It’s a convenient way to keep track of your calorie intake and make healthier choices in your diet.

Adjusting Serving Size for Accurate Calorie Count

If you plan to share a poke bowl with others or adjust your portion size, simply input the new serving size into the calculator. Easily make sure you are getting the right calorie count based on your meal.

Adding Additional Toppings or Ingredients

Experiment with different toppings or add-ins without worrying about the calorie count. The calculator will instantly update the total calories with the new ingredients you include in your poke bowl.

Comparing Calorie Counts of Different Poke Bowl Combinations

Create multiple poke bowl combinations and compare their calorie counts side by side. This feature helps you choose the option that aligns best with your dietary preferences and health goals.

Quickly Calculating Calories for a Pre-Made Poke Bowl

If you have a pre-made poke bowl or are dining out, simply enter the ingredients into the calculator to get an accurate calorie count. Stay informed about what you are consuming even when you didn’t prepare the bowl yourself.

Tracking Calorie Intake for a Day’s Worth of Poke Bowls

Plan your meals for the day by calculating the total calories of each poke bowl you intend to have. This way, you can easily manage your daily calorie intake and ensure a balanced diet.

Customizing Ingredients Based on Dietary Restrictions

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or have other dietary restrictions, the calculator allows you to customize the ingredients in your poke bowl and provides an accurate calorie count. Enjoy your meal while staying mindful of your dietary needs.

Calculating Calories for Different Base Options

Choose between rice, salad, or noodle base for your poke bowl and calculate the calories accordingly. This feature gives you the flexibility to customize your meal while keeping track of calorie consumption.

Estimating Calories Saved with Healthier Ingredient Substitutions

Swap high-calorie ingredients with healthier alternatives and see the calorie difference reflected in real-time. Make informed decisions to cut down on calories without compromising on flavor and satisfaction.

Sharing Your Favorite Poke Bowl Recipe with Friends

Share your customized poke bowl recipe with friends and family by showing them the exact calorie breakdown. Encourage others to build their own nutritious bowls while enjoying the process of creating delicious meals together.

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