Pokemon Infinite Fusion Generator – Fusion Calculator Tool

Create your favorite unique Pokémon by fusing two different Pokémon together with this generator tool.

How to Use the Pokémon Infinite Fusion Generator

This calculator allows you to create a fused name from two Pokémon. Simply enter the names of two Pokémon in the input fields and click the “Calculate” button.

How It Calculates the Fusion

The generator takes the first half of the first Pokémon’s name and combines it with the second half of the second Pokémon’s name to form a new fusion name.


This fusion generator is purely for fun and does not represent actual Pokémon fusions. It assumes a naïve split and merge approach, which might not produce meaningful names for all combinations.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Creating a New Fusion

Select two Pokémon from the dropdown menus and hit the “Fuse” button to create a new fusion. The generator will combine the selected Pokémon into a unique fusion, displaying its name, type, and image. You can easily swap the Pokémon to experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect fusion.

Viewing Fusion Details

After creating a fusion, you can click on it to view detailed information such as the base Pokémon used for fusion, its type combination, and a brief description. This allows you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the fusion, helping you strategize for battles effectively.

Random Fusion Generator

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use the “Random Fusion” feature to generate a fusion without selecting specific Pokémon. This can lead to surprising and fun combinations that you may not have thought of, adding an element of excitement to the fusion process.

Save Fusions to Favorites

If you come across a fusion that you absolutely love, you can save it to your favorites for easy access later. This feature allows you to build a collection of your most cherished fusions, showcasing your creativity and unique fusion designs.

Share Fusions on Social Media

Show off your coolest fusions by sharing them on social media platforms directly from the generator. Whether it’s a powerful fusion or a hilariously mismatched one, let your friends and fellow Pokémon fans marvel at your fusion creation skills with just a click of a button.

Search for Specific Pokémon

If you have a particular Pokémon in mind that you want to use for fusion, you can search for it using the search bar. This feature makes it easy to find and select your favorite Pokémon quickly, saving you time and allowing you to focus on experimenting with fusions.

Clear All Selections

Accidentally selected the wrong Pokémon or want to start fresh? Simply hit the “Clear All” button to reset the dropdown menus and remove any current fusion selections. This handy feature ensures that you can easily undo any mistakes and begin the fusion process again.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless fusion creation experience on your mobile device with the generator’s responsive design. Whether you’re on the go or lounging at home, you can create fusions effortlessly on your smartphone or tablet, bringing the fun of fusion wherever you are.

Customize Fusion Names

Personalize your fusions by giving them unique names that reflect their characteristics or your creativity. Once you’ve created a fusion, simply click on the name and edit it to your liking. This feature adds a personal touch to your fusions, making them even more special to you.

Feedback and Suggestions

Have ideas for new features or improvements to the fusion generator? Share your feedback through the provided feedback form to help make the generator even better. Your input is valuable in enhancing the fusion creation experience for all users, so don’t hesitate to contribute your thoughts and ideas.

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