Post Judgment Interest Calculator | Accurate & Easy Calculation

This tool helps you calculate the total interest owed on a judgment over a specified period.

How to Use the Post-Judgment Interest Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the amount due after a judgment by computing the interest accrued between the judgment date and the payment date.

  1. Enter the principal amount of the judgment in dollars.
  2. Enter the applicable interest rate as a percentage.
  3. Select the judgment date from the date picker.
  4. Select the expected payment date from the date picker.
  5. Click the “Calculate” button to see the total amount due.

How the Calculation is Done

The total amount is calculated using the formula:

Total Amount = Principal Amount + (Principal Amount × Interest Rate × (Days Between Judgment and Payment / 365))

The number of days between the judgment date and the payment date is calculated. Then, the total interest accrued over this period is computed and added to the principal amount to give the total amount due.


Please note, this calculator assumes a constant interest rate over the period and does not account for any partial payments or compounding of interest within the period. Use this as a guideline and consult relevant professionals for precise financial advice.

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