Potential Energy Calculator – Compute Stored Energy Easily

This online potential energy calculator will help you determine the potential energy of an object based on its mass and height above ground.

How to Use the Potential Energy Calculator

To use this calculator, input the mass of the object in kilograms (kg), the height in meters (m) above the reference point, and the gravitational acceleration (m/s2). By default, the gravitational acceleration is set to Earth’s average gravity of 9.81 m/s2. After entering these values, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the potential energy in Joules (J).

How It Calculates Potential Energy

The calculator computes the potential energy using the formula PE = m * g * h, where:

  • m is the mass of the object in kilograms (kg)
  • g is the gravitational acceleration in meters per second squared (m/s2)
  • h is the height in meters (m) above the reference point


This calculator assumes that the input values are in the correct units and does not convert units for you. It also assumes a constant gravitational field. Therefore, it may not provide accurate results for very large heights, where gravity significantly varies with altitude.

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