Power Series Representation Calculator – Easy Math Tool

This tool will calculate the power series representation of a given mathematical function.

Power Series Representation Calculator

This calculator computes the sum of a power series in the form of Σ(aₙ * x^n) from n=0 to the specified term.

How to Use the Calculator:

  • Enter the term for which you want to find the power series representation (e.g., 5 for x^5).
  • Enter the coefficient (aₙ) for the term x^n.
  • Enter the value of n for the series sum.
  • Click on the ‘Calculate’ button to get the result.


This calculator sums the series Σ(aₙ * x^n) from n=0 to the specified term. The result is a polynomial representation of the series. Ensure all your inputs are numbers; otherwise, the calculator may not work correctly.


Note the following limitations of this calculator:

  • It is designed to handle real numbers.
  • The input values must be integers.
  • Large numbers may cause performance issues.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating the nth term of a Power Series

Input the function and the value of n to find the nth term of the power series. This feature helps you quickly determine the coefficient of a specific term without manually expanding the series.

Finding the Radius of Convergence

By inputting the power series function, determine the radius of convergence. This crucial information helps you understand where the power series converges within the domain of the function.

Estimating the Interval of Convergence

Provide the power series function to estimate the interval of convergence. Knowing where the series converges allows for accurate usage of the function within a specific range of values.

Evaluating Power Series at a Specific Value

Enter a value for x into the power series function to evaluate the series at that specific point. This feature helps you quickly determine the value of the power series at any given input.

Adding and Subtracting Power Series

Input two power series functions to add or subtract them term by term. This functionality simplifies the process of combining or manipulating power series in calculations.

Multiplying a Power Series by a Constant

Enter a constant value to multiply it by the given power series function. This tool allows for scaling the power series efficiently for various mathematical operations.

Differentiating a Power Series

Input the power series function to find its derivative term by term. This useful feature helps you derive new power series functions or analyze the rate of change within the series.

Integrating a Power Series

Provide the power series function to find its antiderivative or integral term by term. This function simplifies the process of integration for power series, allowing for further analysis and calculations.

Testing for Convergence or Divergence of a Power Series

Enter a power series function to test whether it converges or diverges within its interval. This feature provides essential information about the behavior of the series under different conditions.

Approximating Functions with Power Series

Input a function to approximate it with the corresponding power series. This tool helps you understand and represent complex functions with simpler power series for practical calculations.

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