Premature Baby Feeding Calculator – Accurate Nutrition Guide

This tool will help you determine the appropriate feeding schedule and amount for your premature baby.

Premature Baby Feeding Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate the volume of milk feedings for a premature baby based on their birth weight, gestational age, and feeding interval.

How to Use

  1. Enter the gestational age of your baby in weeks.
  2. Enter the birth weight of your baby in grams.
  3. Enter the feeding interval in hours.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to get the estimated volume of each feed.

How it Calculates

The calculator uses the following guidelines to estimate the volume:

  • For babies less than 28 weeks gestational age: 15% of body weight per day.
  • For babies between 28 and 32 weeks gestational age: 12% of body weight per day.
  • For babies 32 weeks or older: 10% of body weight per day.

The total daily volume is divided by the number of feedings in a day to get the volume per feed.


This calculator provides an estimation and does not replace medical advice. Always consult with your pediatrician or neonatologist for individualized feeding plans and adjustments based on your baby’s specific needs and conditions.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Daily Feeding Amount

Enter the weight of the premature baby and get the recommended daily feeding amount based on their weight, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrition to aid their growth and development.

Determine Feeding Schedule

Input the desired feeding volume and interval, and find out the feeding schedule for the premature baby, helping you plan the feeding times efficiently.

Calculate Total Calorie Intake

Enter the volume and calorie content of the milk, and get the total calorie intake per day for the premature baby, ensuring they receive adequate energy for healthy development.

Adjust Feeding Amount Based on Weight Gain

Input the current and previous weight of the baby to calculate the weight gain, and adjust the feeding amount accordingly to support healthy growth.

Calculate Nutrient Intake

Enter the feeding amount and nutrient values to calculate the total intake of essential nutrients like protein, fats, and carbohydrates, ensuring balanced nutrition for the baby.

Monitor Feeding Progress

Track the daily feeding amounts and compare them with the recommended values to monitor the baby’s feeding progress and make adjustments if necessary for optimal growth.

Calculate Required Feeding Supplements

Input the nutrient values required by the baby and find out the additional feeding supplements needed to meet their nutritional needs, ensuring comprehensive care.

Adjust Feeding Volume as per Doctor’s Recommendation

Enter the doctor-recommended feeding adjustments based on the baby’s health condition, and calculate the revised feeding volume to provide optimal care tailored to their needs.

Convert Feeding Amount to Different Measurement Units

Input the feeding volume in one unit and convert it to other units for easier measurement and preparation of feeds, making feeding the baby a convenient process.

Determine Transition to Solid Foods

Based on the baby’s weight and age, find out the suitable time to introduce solid foods into their diet, ensuring a smooth transition to solid food as per their development stage.

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