Proof Calculator: Easily Determine Alcohol Content

This proof calculator tool will help you accurately convert alcohol by volume percentages to proof numbers, ensuring you understand the strength of your beverages.

Alcohol Proof Calculator

How to Use

  1. Enter the volume of the liquid in milliliters (ml).
  2. Enter the alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage. This is the percentage of ethanol contained in a beverage.
  3. Click on “Calculate” to obtain the alcohol proof.

How it Works

The calculator uses the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) provided by you and applies a simple formula of doubling the ABV to determine the proof. The formula is: Proof = 2 * ABV.


This calculator assumes that the standard definition of alcohol proof is used, where one proof is equal to 0.5% of ABV. Please note this may vary by country. The calculator does not take into account the temperature or other possible variables that can affect the actual proof of the alcohol. The input is also limited to numerical values; any other input will result in an invalid result.

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