R6 Sens Calculator – Optimize Your Aim

This tool helps you convert your Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity settings between different in-game values for improved consistency.

R6 Sensitivity Calculator

This calculator helps you convert your old Rainbow Six Siege sensitivity settings to a new sensitivity based on changes in DPI, Field of View (FOV), and ADS Multiplier.

How to Use

  1. Enter your Old Sensitivity from Rainbow Six Siege.
  2. Enter the DPI Change Factor, which is the ratio of your new DPI to your old DPI (for example, if you’re changing from 400 DPI to 800 DPI, the factor is 2.0).
  3. Enter your in-game Field of View (FOV).
  4. Enter your ADS Multiplier (default is usually 1.0).
  5. Click the Calculate button to see your new sensitivity.

How it Calculates

The new sensitivity is calculated using the formula:

New Sensitivity = Old Sensitivity * DPI Change Factor * (FOV / 90) * ADS Multiplier

This formula adjusts your old sensitivity based on the new DPI, FOV, and ADS multiplier values to provide a consistent in-game feel.


  • This calculator assumes a linear relationship between DPI, FOV, and ADS multiplier, which may not be entirely accurate for all players or setups.
  • Adjusting the FOV significantly can impact other gameplay elements, so make sure to fine-tune your settings in-game for the best experience.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate your Rainbow Six Siege (R6) sensitivity based on your current settings

Wondering what your R6 sensitivity should be based on your current settings? Input your current DPI and in-game sensitivity values into the calculator to find the perfect sensitivity setting that suits your playstyle.

Adjust your in-game sensitivity for optimal gameplay

If you’re looking to fine-tune your gameplay in Rainbow Six Siege, the R6 sensitivity calculator can help you make the necessary adjustments to your in-game sensitivity settings based on your preferred DPI.

Convert your sensitivity settings from one setup to another seamlessly

Switching between setups or trying a new DPI for your gaming mouse? Use the R6 sensitivity calculator to effortlessly convert your sensitivity settings from one setup to another without any hassle.

Experiment with different sensitivity configurations easily

Curious about trying out different sensitivity configurations to see which one works best for you? The R6 sensitivity calculator allows you to experiment with various DPI and in-game sensitivity combinations to find your ideal setup.

Enhance your aim and precision with personalized sensitivity settings

Improve your aim and precision in Rainbow Six Siege by customizing your sensitivity settings using the R6 sensitivity calculator, tailored to your specific preferences and playstyle.

Optimize your mouse sensitivity for better control in-game

Take control of your gameplay by optimizing your mouse sensitivity settings using the R6 sensitivity calculator, ensuring that you have the perfect balance between speed and accuracy for your gaming sessions.

Fine-tune your sensitivity to match your aiming style

Whether you prefer a high DPI for quick flick shots or a lower DPI for precision aiming, the R6 sensitivity calculator enables you to fine-tune your sensitivity to match your unique aiming style and tactics.

Share your sensitivity settings with friends and teammates

Found the perfect sensitivity settings using the R6 sensitivity calculator? Easily share your configurations with friends and teammates so they can benefit from optimized sensitivity settings as well.

Keep track of your sensitivity adjustments for future reference

Keep a record of your sensitivity adjustments over time with the R6 sensitivity calculator, allowing you to track changes and revert to previous settings if needed for consistent performance in Rainbow Six Siege.

Gain a competitive edge with customized sensitivity settings

Stay ahead of the competition by using the R6 sensitivity calculator to create personalized sensitivity settings that give you a competitive edge in Rainbow Six Siege, helping you elevate your gameplay and achieve better results.

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