Reverse Tax Calculator – Instantly Calculate Net Amount Before Taxes

Use this reverse tax calculator to determine the pre-tax amount of a product or service from the total price you’ve paid.

Reverse Tax Calculator

How to Use the Reverse Tax Calculator

To use the reverse tax calculator, simply enter the total amount that includes tax in the first field, then enter the applicable tax rate in the second field. Click the “Calculate” button to find out the amount without tax.

How It Works

This calculator takes the total amount that includes the tax and the tax rate to calculate the original amount before tax was added. The formula used is: Amount Without Tax = Amount With Tax / (1 + (Tax Rate / 100)). The result is the amount excluding tax.


The reverse tax calculator assumes a uniform tax rate and does not account for multiple tax rates or discounts applied before tax. It is only accurate if the tax rate entered is the only tax rate that was applied to the original amount.

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