Running Calorie Calculator: Estimate Calories Burned Per Run

Use this calculator to determine the amount of calories you burn while engaging in various physical activities.

Running Calorie Calculator

How to Use the Calculator

To use this running calorie calculator, simply fill in your weight in kilograms, your running pace in minutes per kilometer, and the total distance you ran in kilometers. Then click the “Calculate” button to see the estimated calories you have burned during your run.

How It Calculates Results

This calculator estimates the number of calories burned while running by using a Metabolic Equivalent (MET) value that corresponds to your running pace. MET is a unit that estimates the amount of energy used by the body during physical activity, compared to resting metabolism.

The formula used is: Calories Burned = MET value x weight in kg x distance in km. The MET values are approximations based on your running pace, with different values used for slow, average, and fast paces.


While this calculator provides a good estimate, actual calorie burn can vary based on factors such as individual metabolism, body composition, and running efficiency. Additionally, the MET values used in the calculation are averages and may not reflect the exact energy expenditure for every individual.

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