Sauna Calories Calculator – Track Burned Calories

This tool helps you estimate the number of calories you can burn during a sauna session.

Sauna Calories Calculator

How to Use the Sauna Calories Calculator

To use this calculator, you need to input your weight in kilograms, the session time in minutes, and the sauna temperature in degrees Celsius. Once you’ve filled in all the fields, hit the “Calculate” button to see the estimated number of calories burned during your sauna session.

How It Works

The sauna calories calculator works by taking your weight, the duration of your session, and the sauna temperature to estimate the number of calories burned. The formula used assumes that the base calorie burn rate is 0.042 kcal per minute per kilogram of body weight, modified by the sauna temperature. The temperature factor adjusts the calorie burn rate based on how much higher or lower it is from a standard sauna temperature of 70°C.


This calculator provides an estimate and may not be entirely accurate for everyone. Factors such as individual metabolism, the exact type of sauna, and overall physical condition could significantly alter calorie burn rates. Always consult with a healthcare provider for precise health and fitness advice.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate calories burned in the sauna after a session

Enter the duration of your sauna session, and our calculator will estimate the number of calories you burned. It’s a quick and easy way to track your progress and stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Track calories burned over multiple sauna sessions

Log each sauna session along with its duration to keep a record of the total calories you’ve burned over time. Monitoring your progress can help you set new goals and adjust your routine accordingly.

Determine calories burned based on different sauna types

Select the type of sauna you used (traditional, infrared, steam) to get a more accurate estimate of calories burned. This feature allows you to tailor your workout plan to your preferred sauna experience.

Adjust calorie calculation for your body weight

Input your body weight to personalize the calorie calculation based on your individual metrics. This customization ensures that the calorie estimate is as precise as possible for your specific fitness level.

Compare calories burned in the sauna vs. other activities

Use the sauna calories calculator to compare the calories burned during a sauna session against different physical activities. This comparison can help you make informed decisions about your workout routine.

Set calorie burning goals for your sauna sessions

Set a target number of calories to burn during each sauna session and track your progress towards that goal using the calculator. Having a specific target can help you stay focused and motivated during your workouts.

View a summary of calories burned per sauna session

After entering your session details, the calculator provides a summary of the calories burned during that specific sauna session. This summary offers instant feedback on your workout intensity and helps you adjust future sessions accordingly.

Get recommendations for optimizing your sauna workout

Receive personalized tips on how to maximize calorie burn during your sauna sessions based on the information you input. These recommendations can help you make the most out of your sauna workout routine.

Share your sauna calorie burning achievements on social media

Share your sauna session results and achievements on social media directly from the calculator. Celebrate your progress with friends and followers, inspiring others to stay active and healthy.

Save and export your sauna calorie burning data

Save your sauna session logs and calorie burning data for future reference, or export them for analysis and tracking in other fitness apps. Keeping a detailed record of your sauna workouts can help you make informed decisions about your fitness journey.

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