Simplex Method Calculator – Quick & Accurate Solutions

This tool helps you solve linear programming problems using the simplex method for optimal solutions.

Simplex Method Calculator

The Simplex Method Calculator helps solve linear programming problems with multiple variables and constraints. Enter the number of variables and constraints, define your objective function and constraints, and click on “Calculate” to get the result.

How to Use:

  1. Specify the number of variables and constraints.
  2. Click “Create Matrix” to generate input fields.
  3. Fill in the coefficients for the objective function and constraints.
  4. Click “Calculate” to get the solution.

How It Calculates:

This calculator uses the simplex algorithm to find the maximum value of a linear objective function, subject to linear equality and inequality constraints. The algorithm iteratively moves towards the optimal solution by improving the objective function value at each step.


  • Currently, it can handle up to 10 variables and constraints.
  • Only maximization problems are supported in this implementation.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Optimal Solution for a Linear Programming Problem

Use the simplex method calculator to efficiently determine the optimal solution for a linear programming problem. Input the constraints and objective function coefficients to quickly find the values that maximize or minimize the objective function.

Handling Inequality Constraints

Easily handle inequality constraints by inputting the inequalities as part of your linear programming problem. The simplex method calculator will effectively navigate these constraints to identify the optimal solution.

Efficiently Maximizing Profit in Manufacturing

Optimize your manufacturing processes by using the simplex method calculator to maximize profit. Input the production costs and constraints to quickly identify the best production levels for maximum profitability.

Minimizing Costs in Resource Allocation

Minimize costs when allocating resources by using the simplex method calculator. Input the resource availability and costs to efficiently determine how to best allocate resources to minimize overall costs.

Quickly Solving Transportation and Network Flow Problems

Efficiently solve transportation and network flow problems with the simplex method calculator. Input the flow capacities and costs to determine the most cost-effective way to transport goods or flow through a network.

Optimizing Investment Portfolios

Optimize your investment portfolios by using the simplex method calculator to maximize returns. Input the investment options and constraints to identify the best combination of investments for optimal returns.

Efficiently Managing Production and Inventory Levels

Manage production and inventory levels effectively by using the simplex method calculator. Input the production capacities and inventory constraints to determine the best levels for production and storage.

Improving Scheduling and Resource Allocation

Improve scheduling and resource allocation by utilizing the simplex method calculator to optimize resource usage. Input the resource requirements and constraints to efficiently schedule tasks and allocate resources.

Optimizing Marketing Strategies

Optimize your marketing strategies by using the simplex method calculator to maximize sales and minimize costs. Input the marketing channels and constraints to determine the most effective strategy for reaching your target audience.

Efficiently Balancing Workloads and Resource Usage

Balance workloads and resource usage efficiently by using the simplex method calculator. Input the resource requirements and workload constraints to optimize resource allocation and workload distribution.

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