Social Security Workers’ Compensation Offset Calculator – Accurate Calculations

This tool calculates how much your Social Security benefits will be reduced due to workers’ compensation.

How to Use the Calculator:

This Social Security Workers’ Compensation Offset Calculator helps determine the adjusted total benefits after offset. Fill in the following fields and click “Calculate”:

  • Average Current Earnings (ACE): Your average current monthly earnings.
  • Monthly Workers’ Compensation Benefits: The monthly amount you receive from workers’ compensation.
  • Family Total Benefits: The total monthly Social Security benefits your family receives.
  • Offset Rate (in percentage): The actual offset rate used in calculations, typically around 60% to 80%.

How the Calculator Works:

The calculator uses the following formula to determine the offset:

Allowable Benefits = 80% of ACE

Total Monthly Benefits = Family Total Benefits + Monthly Workers’ Compensation Benefits

If Total Monthly Benefits > Allowable Benefits, then Offset = (Total Monthly Benefits – Allowable Benefits) * Offset Rate

Adjusted Family Benefits = Family Total Benefits – Offset


This calculator provides an estimation of your adjusted benefits. Actual offsets can vary based on specific circumstances and legal guidelines. Please consult a professional advisor for precise calculations and advice.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Offset Amount for Social Security Workers’ Compensation

Input the total amount of workers’ compensation received and the Social Security disability benefits amount to calculate the offset amount. The calculator will determine the reduction in Social Security benefits due to receiving workers’ compensation.

Adjust Lump Sum Workers’ Compensation Payment

If you received a lump sum workers’ compensation payment, input the details along with your monthly Social Security disability benefits to adjust the offset. The calculator will help you determine the revised offset amount based on the lump sum payment method.

Understand Partial Offset Scenarios

In cases where your workers’ compensation amount is less than the Social Security benefits, input the respective values to see how the partial offset affects your overall income. The calculator will provide insight into the offset percentage and resulting benefits.

Compare Different Workers’ Compensation Amounts

If you are receiving varying workers’ compensation amounts, input each value individually to compare the impact on your Social Security benefits. The calculator will show you the offset range based on the different compensation values.

Plan for Future Workers’ Compensation Adjustments

If you anticipate changes in your workers’ compensation benefits, use the calculator to plan ahead by inputting potential future amounts. This will help you understand how any adjustments may impact your Social Security benefits offset.

Factor in Cost-of-Living Adjustments

Input any cost-of-living adjustments received on your workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits to accurately calculate the updated offset amount. The calculator will account for these adjustments to provide a precise result.

Explore Various Disability Benefit Levels

Vary the Social Security disability benefits amount in the calculator to see how different benefit levels affect the workers’ compensation offset. This feature allows you to understand the relationship between benefit amounts and offsets.

Calculate Retroactive Workers’ Compensation Payments

If you have received retroactive workers’ compensation payments, input the details to determine the retroactive offset amount on your Social Security benefits. The calculator will account for past payments to calculate the correct offset.

Estimate Offset Implications on Taxable Income

Input your total taxable income along with the workers’ compensation and Social Security benefits to estimate the impact on your taxable income. The calculator will display the taxable portion of your benefits after applying the offset.

Save Calculation Results for Reference

After using the calculator, save or print the results for future reference and record-keeping. This feature allows you to keep track of different scenarios and calculations over time for better financial planning and decision-making.

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