Sourdough Calculator – Precise Baking Measurements

This sourdough calculator helps you determine the ideal ingredient ratios for your sourdough recipe.

How to Use the Sourdough Calculator

To use the sourdough calculator, input the total amount of flour in grams you plan to use in your recipe. Then, input the desired percentages for levain, hydration, and salt. Click the “Calculate” button to get the amounts in grams for each component.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator uses the following formulas:

  • Levain (g) = Total Flour (g) * Levain Percentage (%) / 100
  • Water (g) = Total Flour (g) * Hydration Percentage (%) / 100
  • Salt (g) = Total Flour (g) * Salt Percentage (%) / 100

These formulas ensure you get the correct proportions of each ingredient based on the total amount of flour you are using.


This calculator assumes that the percentages input are based on the baker’s percentage method. Ensure to input accurate and realistic percentages for your recipe for the most accurate results.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Flour Weight

Enter the quantity of sourdough starter you wish to use, and let the calculator determine the amount of flour needed. This feature helps you maintain the correct ratio for a successful sourdough bread recipe.

Calculate Water Weight

Input the hydration percentage you desire for your sourdough and the total flour weight. The calculator will instantly output the water weight needed, ensuring your dough has the perfect consistency for baking.

Adjust Recipe Serving Size

Scale your sourdough bread recipe effortlessly by modifying the number of servings required. The calculator will adjust all ingredient quantities proportionally, saving you the hassle of manual calculations.

Convert Between Metric and Imperial

Toggle between metric and imperial units for flour, water, and starter measurements with a single click. This convenient feature allows you to work in your preferred units without any mental conversions.

Customize Hydration Level

Fine-tune the hydration level of your sourdough by adjusting the water percentage to achieve your desired bread texture. The calculator updates all other ingredient amounts accordingly for a perfectly balanced dough.

Calculate Baking Schedule

Enter the time you want to have your sourdough bread ready, along with the desired fermentation duration. The calculator will generate a step-by-step baking schedule, including proofing and baking times.

Define Multiple Recipe Versions

Create and save different versions of your sourdough recipe with unique hydration levels and flour ratios. You can easily switch between variations to experiment with different flavors and textures.

Calculate Baker’s Percentage

Input the weights of flour, water, and starter in your recipe, and the calculator will automatically calculate the baker’s percentage for each ingredient. This professional feature helps you analyze and adjust recipes like a seasoned baker.

Adjust Starter Feeding Routine

Specify the amount of sourdough starter you have and the feeding ratio you follow. The calculator will display the quantity of flour and water needed for the next feeding round, simplifying your upkeep of a healthy starter.

Track Ingredient Costs

Include the prices of flour, water, and other ingredients to calculate the total cost of your sourdough bread. This functionality helps you optimize recipes based on cost efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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