Square Feet To Cubic Yard Calculator – Accurate Volume Conversion

This tool will convert square feet to cubic yards for you.

Square Feet to Cubic Yard Calculator

This calculator helps you convert square feet (with a given depth) to cubic yards. This is particularly useful for determining the amount of material needed for projects such as concrete, gravel, landscape material, and soil.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the length of the area in feet.
  2. Enter the width of the area in feet.
  3. Enter the depth of the area in feet.
  4. Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get the result.

How It Works:

The calculator multiplies the length, width, and depth to get the volume in cubic feet. It then divides the result by 27 to convert the volume into cubic yards (since there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard).


This calculator assumes that your measurements are in feet. Ensure that your input values are accurate to get the correct result. If any input is invalid or left empty, the calculator will display “Invalid input”.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Cubic Yards from Square Feet for Landscaping Project

Whether you’re planning your backyard oasis or tackling a commercial landscaping project, use this calculator to determine the amount of soil, mulch, or gravel you need in cubic yards based on the square footage. No more guesswork or underestimating materials!

Estimate Concrete Volume for Building Foundation

When pouring concrete for a building foundation or floor, accuracy is key. Input the square footage of the area and instantly get the cubic yardage needed for your project. Save time and money by getting it right the first time.

Determine Topsoil Quantity for Gardening Beds

Planning to fill raised gardening beds or create fresh landscaping with topsoil? Enter the square footage of the area and let the calculator do the rest. Ensure you have the right amount of topsoil without overbuying or falling short.

Calculate Gravel Volume for Driveway Installation

Installing a gravel driveway? Input the square footage of the driveway area, and quickly find out how many cubic yards of gravel you’ll need. Say goodbye to purchasing excess material or making multiple trips to the store.

Estimate Mulch Quantity for Flower Bed Refresh

Freshening up your flower beds with mulch? Simply enter the square footage of the beds, and the calculator will provide the cubic yardage required for the job. Enjoy a hassle-free gardening experience with precise measurements.

Determine Sand Volume for Playground Area

Constructing a sandbox or play area for children? Knowing the exact amount of sand needed is crucial. Enter the square footage of the playground space, and get the cubic yardage to ensure a safe and enjoyable play environment.

Plan Gravel Pathway Installation with Accuracy

Creating a gravel pathway in your garden or backyard? Avoid last-minute trips to the store by calculating the cubic yards required based on the square footage you provide. Ensure your pathway project stays on track from start to finish.

Estimate Fill Dirt Volume for Land Leveling

Leveling your lawn or preparing land for construction requires the right amount of fill dirt. Input the square footage of the area and discover the cubic yardage needed for precise land leveling. Simplify your earthmoving projects with accurate measurements.

Calculate Concrete Volume for Patio Installation

Building a new patio involves concrete calculations that can be easily handled by our calculator. Input the square footage of the patio space, and instantly find out how many cubic yards of concrete you’ll need. Ensure your patio project progresses smoothly with the correct material estimation.

Determine Pea Gravel Quantity for Decorative Landscaping

Enhance your outdoor space with decorative pea gravel while staying within your budget. Enter the square footage of the area you want to cover, and get the cubic yardage required for your landscaping project. Achieve the perfect look without excess material wastage.

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