SSAT Score Calculator – Accurate Estimates

This tool calculates your SSAT score based on the correct and incorrect answers you provide.

SSAT Score Calculator

This calculator helps you estimate your SSAT score by entering individual section scores. Follow the instructions to get an estimated composite score:

How To Use

  • Enter your scores for Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, and Writing sections.
  • Click on the “Calculate” button.
  • Your estimated composite score will appear in the “Result” field.

How It Calculates The Results

The calculator takes the sum of the scores from all four sections and calculates the average. Each score must be between 200 and 800. The final result is an estimated composite score for your SSAT.


This calculator provides an estimated composite score and may not reflect the exact score you will receive on your SSAT. The calculator assumes equal weighting for each section, which may differ from official scoring methods.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Total SSAT Score

Enter your Verbal, Math, and Reading scores to easily calculate your Total SSAT score. Our calculator will sum up the individual section scores and provide you with the total score instantly.

Estimating Percentile Rank

Input your Total SSAT score to get an estimated percentile rank compared to other test-takers. This feature helps you understand how your performance compares to peers and provides valuable insights into your standing.

Improving Your Scores

Experiment with different scores in the calculator to see how making improvements in the Verbal, Math, or Reading sections can boost your overall SSAT score. Visualize the impact of score enhancements with ease.

Setting Target Scores

Determine the target scores you need in each SSAT section by inputting your desired Total SSAT score. This function helps you set specific goals for each section, guiding your study efforts effectively.

Checking Sectional Breakdown

View the sectional breakdown of your SSAT scores by entering the individual Verbal, Math, and Reading scores. This detailed analysis allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in each section.

Comparing Multiple Test Attempts

Compare scores from different SSAT test attempts by inputting data for each test. Easily visualize score progression or areas needing improvement across multiple test sessions.

Understanding Score Composition

Get a clear understanding of how Verbal, Math, and Reading scores contribute to your Total SSAT score. Gain insights into the significance of each section in determining your overall performance.

Sharing Results

Share your calculated Total SSAT score and percentile rank with friends, family, or educators by using the share function. Keep everyone informed and celebrate your achievements together.

Tracking Study Progress

Regularly use the SSAT score calculator to track your study progress by entering updated scores. Monitor improvements over time and stay motivated on your journey to achieving your target score.

Planning Study Strategies

Plan effective study strategies by using the SSAT calculator to experiment with different score scenarios. Adapt your study plan based on insights gained from visualizing score variations and target goals.

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