Starbucks Nutrition Calculator: Calculate Calories & More

Use this Starbucks nutrition calculator to quickly determine the caloric and nutritional content of your favorite Starbucks beverages and snacks.

Starbucks Nutrition Calculator

Syrup (20) Whipped Cream (70)

How to Use the Starbucks Nutrition Calculator:

Select a drink from the dropdown menu. If you would like to add extra syrup or whipped cream, check the corresponding boxes. After making your selections, click the ‘Calculate’ button to see the total calorie count for your customized drink.

How It Calculates Results:

This calculator adds up the base calorie count of the selected drink and the extra calories for any checked additions. The total is then displayed as the result.


The calculator does not account for custom drink sizes, milk alternatives, or any other modifications not listed. It provides an estimate based on the standard recipes and available extras.

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