Steam Tax Calculator – Accurate Gaming Tax Tool

This tool helps you calculate how much tax you owe on your steam transactions.

About the Steam Tax Calculator

Use this calculator to find out the net revenue after deducting the Steam store fee from your game’s sale price.

How to Use It

  1. Enter the sale price of your game in dollars.
  2. Specify the percentage of revenue that goes to the developer.
  3. Specify the percentage fee taken by the store (Steam).
  4. Click on “Calculate” to find out the net amount you earn.

How It Calculates

The calculator uses the following formula:

Net Revenue = Sale Price * (Developer Share / 100)

For example, if the sale price is $10 and the developer share is 70%, the net revenue will be $10 * 0.70 = $7.


This calculator does not take into consideration taxes, regional pricing, or other fees that might apply. It gives a straightforward calculation based on the inputs provided.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Tax for Steam Purchases

Enter the amount spent on Steam to calculate the tax based on your location. The calculator will determine the applicable tax rate and provide you with the total cost after tax, helping you budget your digital game purchases.

Compare Tax Rates for Different Locations

Input the purchase amount and select different locations to compare tax rates. This feature enables you to see how taxes vary depending on where you are, aiding you in making informed decisions on where to make your purchases.

Calculate Savings with Discount Codes

If you have a discount code, include it in the calculation to see your savings. This tool factors in discounts before calculating tax, showing you the final amount you need to pay after applying the discount.

View Breakdown of Taxes

Get a detailed breakdown of the taxes applied to your Steam purchase, including state and local taxes. This breakdown helps you understand how taxes impact your spending and allows for transparent cost analysis.

Estimate Total Cost for Budgeting

By entering the item price, you can estimate the total cost with tax included. This estimation feature helps you plan your gaming expenses in advance and avoid surprises when making purchases on Steam.

Calculate Tax Deductible for Business Expenses

If you use Steam for business, input your purchase amount to calculate the tax-deductible portion. This calculation assists in accurate financial record-keeping and ensures you claim the correct deduction amount during tax filing.

Adjust Tax for Special Tax-Exempt Purchases

If you are making a tax-exempt purchase, you can adjust the tax rate to zero. This customization option allows you to see the true cost of your tax-exempt items, facilitating clear financial planning.

Track Tax Trends Over Time

Record your purchase amounts and tax rates to track tax trends over time. This tracking feature helps you analyze how tax rates fluctuate and aids in predicting potential future expenses.

Access Currency Conversion for International Purchases

If you make international purchases on Steam, utilize the currency conversion feature to calculate tax in your local currency. This tool ensures you have an accurate understanding of the total cost in your preferred currency.

Receive Real-Time Updates on Tax Changes

Stay informed about tax changes affecting your Steam purchases with real-time updates. This feature keeps you up-to-date with any revisions to tax rates, enabling you to adjust your purchasing decisions accordingly.

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