SVR Calculator – Accurate SVR Calculation Tool

This SVR calculator tool helps you quickly calculate the systemic vascular resistance.

How to Use the SVR Calculator

This calculator allows you to compute electrical parameters such as current, reactance, impedance, and power factor based on the apparent power, voltage, and resistance inputs.


  1. Enter the Apparent Power (S) in VA.
  2. Enter the Voltage (V) in volts.
  3. Enter the Resistance (R) in ohms.
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to get the results.

The results will display the current (in amperes), reactance (in ohms), impedance (in ohms), and power factor (unitless) of your electrical circuit.

Explanation of Calculations:

  • Current (I): Determined by the formula I = S / V.
  • Reactance (X): Calculated using X = √((V^2 / S) – R^2).
  • Impedance (Z): Given by Z = √(R^2 + X^2).
  • Power Factor (PF): Computed as PF = R / Z.


Please ensure all values are positive numbers. The calculator assumes a single-phase AC circuit and does not account for any complex power scenarios or phase angles.

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