Telescoping Series Calculator – Simplify Sequences Easily

This tool calculates the sum of a given telescoping series for you quickly and accurately.

This Telescoping Series Calculator finds the sum of a series using the parameters entered by you.

How To Use

To use this calculator, input the first term of the series (a1), the number of terms (n), and the common difference (d). After entering all the values, click on the “Calculate” button to find the sum of the series.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator uses the formula for the sum of a telescoping series, reducing it to the sum of its terms. For a series with a common difference, the sum Sn is calculated as follows:

  • Find each term using the formula: ak = a1 + (k-1) * d
  • Sum up all terms: Sn = a1 + a2 + ... + an


This calculator is designed to work with sequences that have a constant common difference. Ensure that you correctly enter numeric values for all fields. The calculator may not handle very large sums accurately due to inherent limitations in floating-point arithmetic precision in JavaScript.

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