TFT Calculator – Optimize Your Team Composition

This tool quickly calculates your total TFT (Team Fight Tactics) points based on your game performance.

How to Use the TFT Calculator

This TFT calculator is designed to help you quickly determine the performance of your team composition. To use the calculator, simply input the following details:

  • Player Level: Enter your current level in the game.
  • Unit Level: Enter the average level of your units.
  • Item Bonus (%): Enter the total percentage bonus from items equipped on your units.
  • Win Streak: Enter your current win streak count.

Click on the “Calculate” button to get the result. The result represents an approximate performance score for your current setup.

How the Results are Calculated

The results are calculated based on the following formula:

Base Value = (Player Level * Unit Level) / 10
Item Bonus Value = Base Value * (Item Bonus / 100)
Win Streak Value = Win Streak * 2
Final Result = Base Value + Item Bonus Value + Win Streak Value

This formula takes into consideration the current player level, average unit level, total item bonus percentage, and the win streak to provide a performance score.


This calculator is intended to provide a rough estimate of performance and may not reflect the actual in-game dynamics precisely. Factors such as synergy bonuses, positioning, and opponent strength are not considered in this calculation. Always use your judgment and in-game experience to make strategic decisions.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Total Time Playing TFT

Enter the number of games you play daily and the average duration per game. The calculator will give you the total time spent playing TFT in a single day. Helpful for managing your gaming time effectively!

Estimate Time Spent on TFT Weekly

Input the average time you play TFT per day. The calculator will automatically calculate the total time spent on TFT in a week. Great for tracking your gaming habits and setting priorities.

Monitor TFT Hours Monthly

Specify the weekly hours spent on TFT, and the calculator will provide the total monthly time spent on the game. Useful for evaluating your gaming habits over a more extended period and making adjustments as needed.

Calculate Win Rate Percentage

Enter the number of games won and the total games played in TFT. The calculator will display your win rate percentage, helping you track your performance and set new goals for improvement.

Estimate Average Game Length

Input the total time spent playing TFT and the number of games played. The calculator will give you the average length of your games, allowing you to plan your gaming sessions more effectively.

Compare Time Distribution in TFT

Enter the time spent in different game modes (ranked, normal, TFT Labs) to see a visual breakdown of how you distribute your gaming time. Useful for balancing your gameplay across different modes.

Calculate Daily TFT Progress

Input your current TFT rank, LP gained/lost, and games played in a day. The calculator will show your progress for the day, helping you stay motivated and focused on your goals.

Estimate LP Gain Per Hour

Enter the LP gained and the total time played in TFT. The calculator will determine your LP gain per hour, giving you insight into your efficiency and progress in climbing the ranks.

Predict Rank Achievement Date

Input your current TFT rank, LP, and average LP gain per day. The calculator will estimate the date by which you can achieve your desired rank, aiding in setting realistic and achievable goals.

Calculate LP Needed for Rank Up

Enter your current LP and the LP required for the next rank in TFT. The calculator will tell you the exact amount of LP needed to rank up, keeping you focused and motivated on your journey to the top.

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