Tithe Calculator – Accurate Giving Calculation

This tool helps you calculate the amount of your income you want to tithe.

How to Use the Tithe Calculator:

To use the tithe calculator, enter your income in the input field provided. Click on the “Calculate” button, and the calculator will display the amount of tithe you should give, which is typically 10% of your income.

How It Calculates:

The tithe calculator takes the value you input as your income and multiplies it by 0.10 (representing 10%). The resulting value is then displayed in the “Result” field as your tithe amount.


This calculator assumes that the tithe is exactly 10% of your income. It does not account for any deductions or variations in the percentage of tithe. Always consult with your financial advisor or religious leader for personalized advice.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Monthly Tithing Amount

With the tithe calculator, you can easily determine the amount you need to set aside every month for tithing. Simply enter your monthly income and let the calculator do the math for you!

Track Annual Tithing Contribution

Stay on top of your tithing contributions by using the calculator to calculate and track your annual total. This way, you can ensure you’re meeting your tithing goals throughout the year.

Adjust Tithing Percentage

If you want to change the percentage of your income you tithe, the calculator allows you to do just that. Easily adjust the percentage and see the new tithing amount instantly!

Include Additional Income

Whether it’s a bonus, gift, or side hustle income, you can factor in additional earnings with the tithe calculator. This way, you can ensure your tithing amount reflects all your sources of income.

Calculate Tithing for Irregular Income

If your income fluctuates each month, the calculator can handle it. Input your irregular income amounts, and the calculator will help you determine the appropriate tithing amount for each month.

Monitor Tithing Progress

Keep tabs on your tithing progress over time by using the calculator regularly. It enables you to see how your contributions add up and motivate you to continue giving consistently.

Factor in Deductibles

If you have deductibles that affect your net income, the calculator accounts for them. Simply input your deductibles, and the calculator will calculate your tithing amount based on your adjusted income.

Split Tithing Between Entities

If you tithe to multiple entities or organizations, the calculator can help you divide your tithing amount accordingly. Input the percentage for each entity, and the calculator will display the allocated amounts.

Plan Tithing for Windfall Income

When you receive unexpected windfall income, use the calculator to determine your tithing amount for that particular sum. It helps you steward your blessings wisely by guiding you on the tithing proportion.

Receive Tithing Summary Report

For a comprehensive overview of your tithing activities, generate a summary report using the calculator. The report summarizes your total tithing contributions, percentages, and any adjustments made over a specified period.

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