Uncooked Rice To Cooked Rice Calculator – Easy Conversion Tool

This tool instantly converts the amount of uncooked rice to its equivalent when cooked, helping you plan your meals accurately.

How to Use the Uncooked Rice to Cooked Rice Calculator

Using the calculator is simple and straightforward:

  1. Enter the amount of uncooked rice in grams.
  2. Enter the water ratio (default is 2 grams of water per gram of rice).
  3. Enter the cooked rice ratio (default is 3 grams of cooked rice per gram of uncooked rice).
  4. Click the “Calculate” button to see the result.

How the Calculator Works

The calculator uses the following formulas to compute the result:

  • Water Needed: Uncooked Rice (grams) × Water Ratio (grams per gram)
  • Cooked Rice: Uncooked Rice (grams) × Cooked Rice Ratio (grams per gram)

The result provides the total amount of water needed and the total amount of cooked rice you will get.


This calculator assumes a linear relationship between the ratios and the actual cooking process. In practice, cooking conditions (such as pot type, heat level, and cooking duration) can affect the actual amounts. Always adjust based on your cooking experience and preferences for best results.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate cooking time based on rice type and quantity

Enter the type of rice (e.g. jasmine, basmati) and the amount in cups or grams to get the estimated cooking time. The calculator will provide you with the recommended time needed to cook the rice to perfection.

Convert uncooked rice weight to cooked rice yield

Input the amount of uncooked rice in cups or grams, and the calculator will determine the approximate yield of cooked rice. This feature is great for meal planning and portion control.

Adjust water quantity based on rice type for perfect texture

Select the type of rice you’re using, enter the amount, and the calculator will recommend the ideal water-to-rice ratio for the best texture. No more guessing games when cooking different types of rice!

Customize serving size and get accurate cooking instructions

Specify the number of servings you need, and the calculator will adjust the rice and water quantities accordingly. You’ll receive detailed instructions on how long to cook the rice to achieve the desired consistency.

Compare cooking times between different rice types

Input the types of rice you’re considering cooking along with the quantity, and the calculator will display a comparison of the cooking times. Make an informed decision based on your time constraints.

Calculate ideal resting time after cooking for each rice type

Select the type of rice and cooking method, and the calculator will suggest the optimal resting time post-cooking. Letting the rice rest ensures uniform texture and flavors for a delightful meal.

Estimate calorie count from uncooked rice to cooked rice

Enter the amount of uncooked rice you’ll be cooking, and the calculator will provide an estimate of the calorie count for both uncooked and cooked rice. Stay mindful of your dietary goals with this feature.

Plan multiple rice dishes efficiently with batch cooking

If you plan to batch cook rice for multiple dishes, enter the total amount of uncooked rice you’ll need, and the calculator will streamline the cooking process by adjusting quantities and cooking times accordingly.

Get helpful tips for cooking each type of rice to perfection

Upon selecting a specific rice type, the calculator will offer valuable tips on how to achieve the best results. From rinsing instructions to suggested cooking methods, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Share your calculated results and recommendations with friends

After obtaining your cooking information, you can easily share the results and recommendations with friends or family via social media. Spread the convenience and joy of perfectly cooked rice with others!

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