Utah Alimony Calculator – Accurate Spousal Support Estimates

This tool helps you calculate the estimated alimony you may receive or pay in Utah.

How to use the Alimony Calculator

To use this calculator, input the monthly income of the paying spouse, the monthly income of the receiving spouse, and the total length of the marriage in years. After entering these details, click on the “Calculate” button to get an estimate of the alimony.

How the Alimony is Calculated

This calculator takes the following steps to estimate alimony:

  1. Calculates the difference between the monthly income of the paying spouse and the receiving spouse.
  2. Determines a duration factor based on the length of the marriage, simplified as length of marriage divided by 10.
  3. Multiplies the income difference by 30% and then by the duration factor to estimate the alimony.


This alimony calculator provides an estimate based on simplified assumptions. It does not account for all factors that a court may consider in determining alimony, such as financial needs, expenses, health, lifestyle, contributions to the marriage, and other unique circumstances. For a more accurate determination, it is advisable to consult a legal professional.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Use Case 1: Calculate Monthly Alimony Payments

Enter your gross monthly income and your spouse’s gross monthly income to determine the estimated alimony amount you may have to pay or receive based on Utah state laws.

Use Case 2: Determine Alimony Duration

Input the length of your marriage in years to find out the approximate duration for which alimony payments may be required, helping you plan your finances accordingly.

Use Case 3: Adjust Alimony for Child Support

Factor in any child support payments being made or received to see how it impacts the alimony amount, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your financial obligations.

Use Case 4: Explore Tax Implications

Estimate the after-tax income impact of alimony payments by considering tax deductions or responsibilities associated with alimony as per Utah tax laws.

Use Case 5: Evaluate Spousal Support Scenarios

Input different income scenarios to analyze various alimony outcomes, enabling you to make informed decisions about spousal support arrangements in your divorce proceedings.

Use Case 6: Calculate Lump Sum Alimony

Determine the present value of future alimony payments by entering the appropriate discount rate, offering an alternative option to monthly alimony payments.

Use Case 7: Adjust Alimony for Retirement

Consider retirement incomes for both you and your spouse to calculate any adjustments needed in alimony payments post-retirement, ensuring financial stability in your later years.

Use Case 8: Compare Alimony Options

Compare different alimony scenarios side by side to evaluate the financial implications of each option, helping you choose the most suitable alimony arrangement.

Use Case 9: Estimate Total Alimony Amount

Input additional sources of income or deductions to calculate the total alimony amount accurately, providing a comprehensive view of your financial responsibilities post-divorce.

Use Case 10: Plan for Future Financial Obligations

Use the calculator to forecast future financial obligations related to alimony payments, empowering you to create a long-term financial plan post-divorce.

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