Vanity Mirror Size Guide – Find Your Perfect Fit

This tool helps you determine the perfect size for your vanity mirror based on your space and preferences.

Vanity Mirror Size Guide

This calculator helps you determine the ideal size for a vanity mirror based on your available wall and vanity dimensions.

How to Use It

  • Enter the width and height of the mirror you have or are considering purchasing.
  • Enter the width and height of the wall space available, in feet.
  • Enter the width and height of your vanity, in inches.
  • Click “Calculate” to see if the mirror fits perfectly.

How It Calculates the Results

The calculator considers the following:

  • Ideal Mirror Width: 70% of the vanity width.
  • Ideal Mirror Height: Wall height minus the vanity height, minus 12 inches for a gap.
  • Mirror fits on the wall: Checks if the mirror dimensions are within the wall dimensions.
  • Mirror fits above the vanity: Checks if the mirror dimensions are within the ideal size.


Please note the calculator makes ideal recommendations based on general design guidelines. Your specific needs may vary. Always measure your space and mirror before making a purchase.

Use Cases for This Calculator

1. Determine the Ideal Height for Your Vanity Mirror

Get the perfect mirror height based on your eye level when standing in front of the vanity. Simply enter your height in the calculator to ensure the mirror aligns well with your reflection, making your daily routines more efficient and comfortable.

2. Choose the Correct Width for Your Vanity Mirror

Input the width of your vanity table or counter to find the optimal mirror width that complements the space. A well-proportioned mirror not only enhances the aesthetics but also adds functionality to your grooming setup.

3. Find the Best Magnification for Make-Up Application

Select the magnification level you prefer for applying makeup with precision. Whether you opt for 1x, 5x, or 10x magnification, the calculator helps you pick the right vanity mirror size to cater to your beauty routine needs.

4. Determine the Placement for Wall-Mounted Vanity Mirrors

Discover the ideal positioning height for wall-mounted vanity mirrors to ensure a clear and comfortable reflection. By entering your eye level and mirror type, you will achieve the perfect placement for seamless daily use.

5. Customize Mirror Size for Small Spaces

If you have limited vanity space, tailor your mirror dimensions based on the available area without compromising functionality. The calculator helps you strike a balance between size and practicality for your compact grooming corner.

6. Optimize Mirror Size for Statement Vanities

For larger vanity setups or statement pieces, input the dimensions of your vanity area to determine the most visually appealing mirror size. Enhance the overall look of your space with a mirror that complements your luxurious styling.

7. Determine Vanity Mirror Size for Shared Spaces

If you share your vanity area with others, calculate a mirror size that accommodates multiple users comfortably. Input the number of users and desired viewing angles to create a harmonious grooming environment for all.

8. Choose a Makeup Mirror Size for Travel

Select a portable mirror size that suits your travel needs by inputting your desired dimensions. Whether you prefer a compact handheld mirror or a foldable stand mirror, the calculator helps you find the perfect size for beauty on the go.

9. Select Vanity Mirror Size for Natural Light Optimization

Determine the ideal mirror dimensions that maximize natural light reflection in your vanity area. By entering your room’s lighting conditions, the calculator recommends a size that enhances brightness and visibility for your daily grooming tasks.

10. Find the Perfect Vanity Mirror Size for Self-Grooming

Discover the mirror dimensions that facilitate easy self-grooming by inputting your preferred viewing angle. Whether you need a hands-free makeup mirror or an adjustable height mirror, the calculator assists in finding the perfect fit for your grooming comfort.

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