Venmo Fee Calculator – Quick and Easy Fee Estimates

This Venmo fee calculator helps you quickly determine the fees for your transactions.

Venmo Fee Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the amount received after Venmo fees are deducted. Simply input the transaction amount, the fee percentage, and the fixed fee to see the net amount.

How to Use:

  1. Enter the total amount you are sending or receiving in USD.
  2. Enter the fee percentage (default is 1.9%).
  3. Enter the fixed fee in USD (default is $0.10).
  4. Click on the “Calculate” button.
  5. The result field will display the net amount received after fees.

How It Calculates the Results:

The calculator deducts a percentage fee from the transaction amount and also subtracts a fixed fee. The formula used is:

Net Amount = Amount – (Amount * (Fee Percentage / 100) + Fixed Fee)


  • The fixed fee and fee percentage are set to default values, which can be adjusted as per the latest Venmo fee structure.
  • Rounding errors may occur if using extremely high numbers or very small decimal fractions.
  • This calculator is for informational purposes and might not reflect the exact amount received after all Venmo fees.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Fee for a Specific Amount

Enter the amount you want to send or receive through Venmo, and the calculator will instantly show you the fee you’ll be charged for the transaction. It’s quick and handy when you need to know the exact fee beforehand.

Calculate Fee for Different Transaction Amounts

Quickly calculate fees for multiple transaction amounts without the need for manual calculations. Just input new amounts, and the calculator will adjust the fees accordingly, saving you time and effort.

Compare Fees for Various Transaction Amounts

Compare fees for different transaction amounts to make informed decisions. See how fees vary based on the amount you plan to send or receive, helping you choose the most cost-effective option.

Calculate Total Amount (Including Fee) for a Transaction

Get the total amount, including the fee, that will be deducted from your account for a specific transaction. This way, you’ll have a clear picture of the exact amount that will be debited from your account.

Check Percentage Fee for a Given Transaction Amount

View the percentage fee charged for a particular transaction amount with just a few clicks. Easily understand the fee percentage and its impact on your transaction, aiding you in budgeting effectively.

Calculate Fee for Different Venmo Payment Methods

Calculate fees based on different payment methods offered by Venmo, such as instant transfers or standard bank transfers. Understand how the choice of payment method affects the fee amount you’ll be charged.

Estimate Net Amount Received After Deducting Fee

Quickly get an estimate of the net amount you’ll receive after the Venmo fee is deducted from the transaction. This feature helps you predict the exact amount you’ll have in hand post-transaction.

Calculate Fee Savings for Bulk Transactions

Determine the fee savings you can make on bulk transactions by using the calculator to compare fees for individual and combined transaction amounts. See how bundling transactions can help reduce overall fees.

Adjust Fee Calculation for Promotion or Discount Codes

Factor in any promotional offers or discount codes that may affect the fee calculation. Easily adjust the calculation to reflect the discounted fee amount and make informed choices while utilizing promotions.

Plan Future Transactions by Forecasting Fees

Make informed decisions for future transactions by forecasting fees through the calculator. Predict the fees for upcoming transactions based on different amounts, enabling you to plan your finances effectively in advance.

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