Vig Free Calculator – Calculate Fair Odds

This tool helps you calculate your adjusted winnings by removing the vigorish.

Vig-Free Calculator

This Vig-Free calculator helps you calculate the Vig-Free odds given the home odds, away odds, and the vig percentage.

How to Use the Calculator:

1. Enter the home odds in the “Home Odds” field.
2. Enter the away odds in the “Away Odds” field.
3. Enter the percentage of vig in the “Vig Percentage” field.
4. Click on the “Calculate” button.
5. The vig-free odds for both home and away teams will be displayed in the result field.

How It Calculates the Results:

The calculator first converts the provided odds to probabilities. It then calculates the vig-free probability by normalizing these probabilities so that the total probability equals 1. After that, it adjusts the odds by the specified vig percentage to provide the final vig-free odds.


– If invalid values are entered, the calculator will not produce accurate results.
– The values must be positive numbers greater than zero.

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