Wag Alcohol Calculator – Accurate Blood Alcohol Level

This tool helps you estimate your blood alcohol content (BAC) based on your drinking habits, weight, and gender.

Alcohol Consumption Calculator

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How it works:

This calculator estimates your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) based on various parameters such as your weight, the type and quantity of alcoholic drinks consumed, time passed since drinking, and your biological sex.

How to use it:

  • Enter your weight in kilograms.
  • Select the type of drink you consumed.
  • Enter the quantity of drinks you have consumed.
  • Enter the time that has passed since you had the drinks, in hours.
  • Select your sex.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to see your estimated BAC.


The calculator uses the following formula to estimate your BAC:

BAC = (Alcohol consumed in grams / (Body weight in grams * r)) * 100 - (elimination rate * time passed)

Where “r” is the gender constant: 0.68 for men and 0.55 for women. The typical elimination rate of alcohol from the body is about 0.015 per hour.


  • This calculator provides an estimate, not a precise BAC level.
  • Individual metabolic rates and health conditions can significantly affect BAC.
  • The legal BAC limit varies by country and region; always follow local regulations.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculate Blood Alcohol Content (BAC)

Enter the number of drinks consumed, your weight, and the duration of drinking to accurately calculate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC). This feature helps you stay informed about your alcohol consumption level and make responsible decisions based on real-time data.

Estimate Time to Sober Up

By inputting your current BAC level, this calculator can estimate the time it will take for you to sober up. This information can guide you on when it’s safe to drive or engage in other activities requiring full sobriety, enhancing your safety and decision-making ability.

Plan Your Drinking Session

Use this calculator to plan your drinking session responsibly by setting a target BAC level. By entering your weight and the type of drinks you’ll consume, you can adjust the quantities to align with your desired level of intoxication, helping you enjoy a safe and controlled drinking experience.

Track Alcohol Consumption Over Time

Keep track of your alcohol intake over time by entering each drink consumed and its alcohol content. Monitoring your drinking habits can provide valuable insights into your consumption patterns and help you make informed choices about your alcohol intake in the future.

Compare BAC Levels for Different Scenarios

Compare BAC levels for different scenarios such as different drinks consumed or varying durations of drinking. This feature allows you to see the impact of different factors on your BAC, empowering you to make informed decisions about your alcohol consumption.

Receive Alerts for High BAC Levels

Set personalized alerts to notify you when your BAC reaches a certain level, helping you avoid overconsumption and potential risks. These alerts can serve as a safety measure to remind you to pace your drinking and prioritize your well-being during social gatherings or events.

Consult Safe Drinking Guidelines

Access safe drinking guidelines within the calculator to understand recommended alcohol intake limits based on your weight and other factors. This information can help you gauge your drinking habits against health authorities’ recommendations and make adjustments for a healthier lifestyle.

Share Results with Friends

Share your BAC calculations or estimated sober-up time with friends to promote responsible drinking behavior in group settings. This social feature encourages open conversations about alcohol consumption and reinforces the importance of looking out for one another’s well-being during social events.

Personalize Settings for Accuracy

Personalize your calculator settings by adjusting parameters such as the metabolism rate or alcohol absorption rate to enhance the accuracy of your BAC calculations. Tailoring the settings to your individual characteristics can provide more precise results tailored to your unique physiology and drinking habits.

Educational Resources on Alcohol & Health

Access educational articles and resources within the calculator to learn more about the effects of alcohol on your body and the risks associated with excessive drinking. This feature aims to raise awareness about responsible alcohol consumption and promote a culture of informed decision-making regarding drinking habits.

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