Website Design Cost Calculator – Accurate Estimates

This tool helps you quickly estimate the cost of designing your website based on your specific requirements.

Website Design Cost Calculator

This calculator estimates the cost of designing a website based on several parameters:

  • Number of Pages: The total number of web pages.
  • Design Complexity: Simple, Moderate, or Complex design requirements.
  • Responsive Design: Whether the website should be responsive (Yes/No).
  • SEO Services: Inclusion of SEO services (Yes/No).
  • Maintenance Services: Inclusion of maintenance services (Yes/No).

How to Use the Calculator

Fill in the form fields with the appropriate values and click the “Calculate” button. The estimated cost will be displayed in the Result field.

How the Calculation Works

The calculator multiplies the number of pages by a base cost per page and applies a multiplier based on design complexity. Additional costs for responsive design, SEO services, and maintenance services are added if selected.


Please note that this calculator provides an estimate and actual costs can vary based on specific project requirements and additional factors not accounted for in this form.

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