Wholesale Price Calculator – Accurate Cost Estimator

This tool will calculate the total cost of your wholesale purchases based on quantity and unit price.

How to Use the Wholesale Price Calculator

This calculator helps you determine the wholesale price of a product by taking into account various factors such as cost price, quantity, markup, tax rate, and discount rate.


  1. Enter the cost price per unit.
  2. Enter the quantity of units.
  3. Enter the markup percentage you wish to apply.
  4. Enter the tax rate percentage applicable to the product.
  5. Enter any discount rate percentage you wish to apply.
  6. Click “Calculate” to get the final wholesale price.

How It Works:

The calculator performs the following steps:

  1. Calculates total cost by multiplying cost price per unit by quantity.
  2. Calculates total markup based on the entered markup percentage.
  3. Calculates total tax based on the entered tax rate percentage.
  4. Calculates total discount based on the entered discount rate percentage.
  5. Combines all these values to provide the final wholesale price.


Please note the following limitations:

  • All inputs must be valid numbers; otherwise, the calculation will not proceed.
  • The accuracy of the result depends on the precision of the input values.
  • This calculator does not account for any additional fees or charges not specified in the fields.

Use Cases for This Calculator

Calculating Wholesale Price

Enter the cost price and desired profit margin to quickly calculate the wholesale price. The calculator provides you with the accurate wholesale price needed to maintain your profit margin.

Comparing Profit Margins

Input different cost prices and profit margins to compare the impact on the wholesale price. Easily identify the most profitable scenarios for your business.

Bulk Quantity Discounts

Adjust the quantity input to see dynamic wholesale prices for bulk orders. Save time by instantly getting the best wholesale prices for various order quantities.

Including Overhead Costs

Add overhead costs to your calculations for a comprehensive wholesale pricing strategy. Ensure all additional expenses are factored into your pricing decisions.

Setting Minimum Order Value

Specify a minimum order value to see the required wholesale price to meet your profit goals. Optimize your pricing structure for different order sizes.

Percent Markup vs. Fixed Markup

Choose between percentage markup or fixed markup options for your calculations. Compare the impact of different markup methods on your wholesale prices.

Factor in Sales Taxes

Include sales taxes in your wholesale price calculations to accurately reflect total costs. Ensure compliance with tax regulations for transparent pricing.

Special Promotions and Discounts

Incorporate special promotions or discounts into the calculator to see the adjusted wholesale prices. Plan your sales strategies with real-time pricing insights.

Exporting Price Quotes

Generate printable price quotes based on your wholesale price calculations. Share detailed pricing information with clients or partners for seamless transactions.

Scenario Planning for Future Pricing

Create multiple scenarios with varying cost prices and profit margins to plan for future pricing strategies. Make informed decisions by analyzing different pricing outcomes.

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